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My name is Mark Young and I've been providing VOIP Telephone Systems and Installations in California for the past 10 years. Over the years, I have developed relationships with VOIP contractors throughout the country. This website is the culmination of these relationships. We now have qualified, trained VOIP technicians in all 50 states.

We match you with expert VOIP Phone Installers in your city. We have access to the most qualified and experienced VOIP Phone system installers in your city and they all provide FREE estimates. We have performed thousands of successful installations over the years and will help you find the most competitive pricing at no cost to you. I guarantee that you will have the most qualified VOIP Phone installers available in your city. Call today or send us an email for a FREE estimate.

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VOIP Phone System Articles

VOIP calling or Internet Telephony is one of the fastest growing sectors of the telecommunications industry.

Just as cellular and wireless technology made it easier and more convenient for people to stay in touch with one another, VOIP telephone systems are going to reduce the costs associated with placing a call.

Long distance calling will soon become a thing of the past.

It will be no more expensive to make a call across your town or across the country. By utilizing efficient, transmission methods telecommunications companies can provide service on larger scale and in more cost effective way. Residential and business customers alike are now realizing the tremendous cost savings VIOP service provide without sacrificing quality. For more information be sure to read any of our VOIP articles.

Choosing a VOIP telephone system or provider can be a confusing and intimidating process.

One of the first things you should do make sure you have some background knowledge of what VOIP calling is, and how it works. You should also have a good reason to change. The most common ones are price and quality.

Once you’ve decided to switch try to get recommendations from family friends or co-workers. A positive recommendation from a trusted source is invaluable. Look to see if there are any/numerous complaints about any companies you are considering with the Better Business Bureau. Another great website to visit is This forum has information from regular consumers and leading industry figures.

Before you sign a contract make sure you are aware of any and all fees and surcharges. Make sure you are aware of any specialized equipment you will need. Make sure you know what the service policies are and how to contact technical support and customer service. Lastly make sure you know the terms of your contract. Shorter contracts are usually better in an emerging technology field, but generally speaking they are also more expensive. Weigh the costs until you are comfortable with your decision.

Technology Driving the Next Bull Market

At the turn of the twenty-first century, the technology sector was pouring fuel on the fire of the financial markets in stellar returns on companies that were updating dinosaur computer systems. After the need for these major internal investments had passed, companies abandoned the technical sector in pursuit of projects that had been postponed. Now, just a decade later, businesses of every size are embracing the technological advances that seem to be creating the only signs of life in the sluggish economy. Aging computer systems that were deemed “acceptable” not long ago are requiring a new set of updates that penetrate every layer from the processing unit to the desktop and all the communication and application layers in between.The last time outsourcing IT services was in vogue was when mainframe computers were deemed “too complex” for most in-house data processing shops to fully utilize. This time around, the communication protocols are drawing companies into revolutionary business solutions that require expertise. Internal IT infrastructure can no longer be run by a simple server over basic IT networks. Managed IT services provide businesses of every size, from the “mom and pop” store to the corporate conglomerate, access to the latest technological advances. Each solution is designed to fit the needs of the individual and processing power is centralized, once again, to provide what is necessary today with endless growth potential for the years to come.

Businesses have discovered the power and convenience of voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, instead of straining under the expense of long distance phone service. The flexibility of this technology is replacing expensive conference calls and video conferences with higher-quality communications that will save money and enhance professional associations that must be maintained over distances. Business travel that can be replaced with VoIP is allowing work to be completed without the monetary expense and loss of time. Telecommuters and salespeople rave over the call quality and applications that make their jobs easier regardless of location. Hosted VoIP services make these valuable tools available to anyone without an exorbitant initial cost because the equipment is accessed over the existing internet connection with the addition of an internet-capable telephone device.

Another remarkable breakthrough in communication is the Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP, which allows communication inquiries to find the correct destination regardless of the actual location of the individual. Since this protocol relies on the application layer, real-time status updates are sent easily. SIP supports all forms of communication, including: instant-messaging, video, voice and collaboration applications. Businesses that have embraced the Session Initiation Protocol are making marked advances over their competitors.

Businesses in every sector and geographic locale are embracing these technologies in efforts to reduce their costs. Reducing known expenses like telephone and travel have substantial immediate impacts on the profit margin. Whenever businesses are able to save money, their revenue-generating activities can be increased with the extra cash. Technological breakthroughs create lubrication in the economic gears of capitalism. The most recent advancements will require experts to create a complete IT solution for each company that is tailored to the need without undue expense for unnecessary equipment and bandwidth. When business owners seek out the expertise to revolutionize their business practices, money begins to move throughout the economy and more jobs are created, which will drive the economic recovery and the next bull market.

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