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3 Reasons Oakland Businesses Are Turning To VoIP

voip-phone-installation-oaklandMany businesses in Oakland are discovering the numerous advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication systems. Sometimes called IP telephony, VoIP technology provides businesses with a more efficient, more economical and more convenient method of communication. Here are some of the advantages of these systems.

  1. An Oakland VoIP phone system provider can offer less expensive communications solutions. Voice over Internet Protocol phone system providers charge a flat fee for each month of service. After paying this flat fee, the business is able to make unlimited calls through the new phone system. Most providers will limit these calls to the United States for the basic plan. Additional plans may be offered that allow calls to be made to other countries. These plans work in the same way as the basic plan. Once the additional monthly charge is paid, the customer is free to make calls to that country. Be careful to read the fine print. Some plans may allow for unlimited calls to other countries. Other plans may specify a certain number of allowed calls.
  2. New equipment may be unnecessary for phone systems VoIP technology. Many new phone systems might require the customer to purchase new equipment. The old equipment might not be compatible with the new phone system. This is not the case with Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems. The customer can purchase adapters that will allow them to use traditional phone systems with the new technology. Specialized equipment is also available for purchase; however, it is generally unnecessary. Customers can also choose to use a standard computer with a headset to make Voice over Internet telephone calls. This option may not allow the customer to call standard telephone lines. They may only be able to call customers that are also using computers and headsets to make telephone calls.
  3. Oakland VoIP phone systems are easily expandable. Equipment for traditional phone systems is contained in the building where the phone system is being used. This is not true with IP telephone systems. The IP telephone system provider houses the majority of the equipment. This means that expanding an IP telephone system may be as simple as plugging in another extension. Check with IP telephone systems providers before making a decision. Find out how easily the system is expanded.

    The systems are just as easily expanded when the business grows beyond the limits of its current physical location. IP telephone systems are connected through Internet connections, instead of physical telephone lines. This means that the business may have extensions that exist in completely different physical locations. The business may be able to easily transfer calls between two branches that are miles apart. For the most convenient and easily expandable communications systems, choose Voice over Internet Protocol.

There are many reasons for choosing Oakland VoIP phone systems. IP telephony costs less than traditional phone systems. An Oakland VoIP phone system provider may be able to integrate standard telephone equipment into the new VoIP system. Phone systems VoIP technology provides businesses with efficient and affordable communications technology.

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