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VOIP Phone Installation Orange County

voip-phone-installation-orange-countyWe can provide you with the most affordable quotes, quickest installations and quality service in Orange County. Our teams have years of experience installing VOIP phone systems in Orange County.

VOIP Phone Installation Orange County

Discover 3 Reasons Businesses Are Switching to VoIP Phone Systems in Orange County

Orange County VoIP phone systems are sprouting up in businesses of every size and type. Business owners are realizing extraordinary benefits from adopting Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoiP, as their primary means of communicating with people all across the country. Phone systems VoIP replaces are a major expense that can be eliminated after the implementation of the IP telephony system. The best Orange County VoIP phone system provider can demonstrate the power of this innovative technology that will provide the following benefits.

1. Cost reduction – Digital components within the phone systems VoIP will replace can be incorporated into the new phone system which lowers the cost of installation. Any components that cannot be used can be sold to offset the cost of the new equipment. Charges for toll calls will disappear since the phone calls are routed over the internet. The savings from eliminating monthly toll charges will pay for the VoIP equipment in a matter of months. Many business owners are skeptical when they are shown how much money will be saved.

2. Multiple locations supported – When a business has more than one location, seamless phone routing allows employees in one location to transfer calls to the other location. Whenever new users are needed in either location the IP telephony system can be updated without undue effort. Orange County VoIP phone systems are capable of expansion without technicians because the entire network is supported through the existing computer network and the software interface installed on each personal computer.

3. Improved bandwidth utilization – Most computer systems use approximately 30 percent of their existing bandwidth, which means a great deal of their capacity is wasted. When the VoIP system is added to the existing data network, the communications utilize some portion of the unused bandwidth. Some business owners will raise the concern about having to add more computer equipment, but this does not normally occur in Orange County VoIP phone systems.

An experienced Orange County VoIP phone system provider can illustrate the process that will be followed to replace the existing phone system with a cost-saving, flexible solution that will meet the communications need of the business. Other clients were skeptical until they found real savings and improved communications with the new approach to telephone service. When a new client requests more information, existing clients are available to answer questions and share their own success story about their switch to Voice over Internet Protocol.

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