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VOIP Phone Installation Santa Monica

voip-phone-installation-santa-monicaWe can provide you with the most affordable quotes, quickest installations and quality service in Santa Monica. Our teams have years of experience installing VOIP phone systems in Santa Monica.

VOIP Phone Installation Santa Monica

Three Reasons for Installing a VoIP Phone System in Santa Monica

Businesses all over Santa Monica are looking for ways to leverage the most advanced communications technology while reducing overhead costs. One of the best decisions any business owner can make is to update the existing phone system to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Dynamic businesses will no longer spend time and money reconfiguring the phone system. Those resources can be invested in the core business. Contact your Santa Monica VoIP phone system provider today for more information about these three reasons to switch to VoIP.Expansion on Demand

Adding new users to a traditional phone system requires a multi-step process that includes more equipment and a visit from the phone technician. VoIP phone systems use the same data network as the computer system, and anyone with a computer also has access to the phone system without the need for phone equipment. Easy-to-use software provides access to the IP telephony options without technical support. Anyone in the office can update the user profiles and add or remove a user. VoIP phone systems can support any number of users in one location or across locations without adding more equipment to a phone closet.

Reduced Maintenance

Each user is given access to their personal profile through the VoIP interface software that runs on every computer in the office. If a VoIP user needs their business phone to ring at a different location, the system can be accessed quickly and easily without intervention from a technician. Users can be added or removed from the system by anyone with access to the software interface. Since every computer is automatically connected to the VoIP phone system, the user is set up on the computer and the profile is completed with the individual’s specific preferences.

Less Equipment

Physical limitations in the phone closet will not be an encumbrance after the transition to IP telephony. Expensive equipment that limits the number of lines available will no longer exist because the phone closet is completely eliminated. Your Santa Monica VoIP phone system provider can provide examples of clients who are saving a great deal of money each year by having their phone system and data network combined.

Final Consideration

Not only will equipment costs drop dramatically, but long distance charges disappear because of the call routing protocol used in IP telephony. Annual phone contracts with providers will disappear, and the IP telephony system will provide all of the advanced phone features available in the traditional system but without the expense.

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