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VOIP Phone Installation San Diego

voip-phone-system-san-diegoWe can provide you with the most affordable quotes, quickest installations and quality service in San Diego. Our teams have years of experience installing VOIP phone systems in San Diego.

VOIP Phone System San Diego

Discover the 3 Reasons San Diego Businesses Are Going VoIP

A few months after business owners make the switch to Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, they wonder what took them so long to make the final decision. Every San Diego VoIP phone system provider can show specific examples of clients who could have saved time and money by embracing this innovative technology long before they did. Some of the major benefits realized from IP telephony are:

  1. Phone features – Many traditional phone users cannot imagine life without call forwarding, caller ID and dozens of other great features that make life easier. The only issue with the way these features are provided through old-fashioned means is the “ala carte” pricing. All of these great features are included in San Diego VoIP phone systems. Features that were not considered high priority in the old system because of cost will be automatically provided through the software that runs the VoIP phone system.
  2. Easy maintenance – An easy-to-use software interface allows any user to that required expertise in the old phone systems VoIP replaces. If a profile option is not desired by one user, that person can log in and change their own profile without any formal request of a telephone specialist. Mobile workforces are easily supported by changing the phone number that will ring with the inbound calls intended for each person. Employees will be pleased with the powerful tools that are part of the new phone system, and productivity will increase since so many tasks can be performed by the individual. When an office move must be completed, the VoIP phone system will be moved as the computer equipment is moved to the new facility.
  3. Cost savings – Since the phone system and the computer system run on the same network, costs are reduced in numerous categories, including: hardware, personnel and communication bandwidth. Components of the phone systems VoIP replaces can be included in San Diego VoIP phone systems. Using digital phones will reduce the cost of installation. Since the switch-based network is not utilized in the routing of long-distance phone calls, the cost structure is entirely different.

Skeptics are encouraged to contact an experienced San Diego VoIP phone system provider to find out more information about upgrading to IP telephony. Measurable cost savings will be realized in the months immediately following installation. Existing clients are willing to speak with anyone who wonders if the cost savings can really be so dramatic.

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